COMMAX Video Doorphones, COMMAX vision enhanced with cutting-edge functionalities.
Our Home Network Systems offers a wide variety of features that will afford you a means with which to freely navigate about your home. It will provide you with a safe and more comfortable living environment where you can fully enjoy the benefits and enrichment of the digital era, wherever and whenever.

PRODUCT NAME : Door Camera
MODEL NAME : DRC-481LC/RF 480L/RE | 240

Image Device : B/W C.C.D 1/3
Connectable product : DRC-240 : APV-4CME/2│4CMD/2│4KM/S│4KDMS

DRC-480L/RF : APV-480L

DRC-481LC/RF : CAV-501D/500D/502D/503D/515D

Features & Functions
Commax door camera provides you with the best convenience where you stay or various place you install it.




Room Monitor : 4 Line (common), Guard Station : 6 Line

Angular Field of View Lens

Horizontal : 95˚ Vertical : 70˚ Up Level : 8˚ Down Level : 12˚


210(W) x 240(H) x 81(D)mm

Cable condition

50m for 0.65mm, 100m for 0.65mm coaxial cable

Scanning Frequency

H : 15.734KHz/15.625KHz (for EIA,NTSC), V : 60Hz/50Hz (CCIR, PAL)

Min. Illumination

0 Lux (300mm from Camera)

Operating Ambient Temperature


Cable condition

50m for 0.65mm, 100m for 0.65mm coaxial cable


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